Detail of Frequency Band

Band 450 – 455 MHz

Notes to whole band 5.209, 5.286, 5.286A
Part of RSUP RSUP-P/15
Service Mobile
Category of assignment Primary
Non-civil utilisation Not used
Civil utilisation Primary
Note 5.286AA
Application PMR/PAMR
Section 450 – 451.3 MHz
Additional information Max. e.r.p. 10 W, channel raster 20 kHz, duplex 10 MHz to 460-461.3 MHz, transmitting of mobile stations. No new stations are authorised in the subband 450,7–451,3 / 460,7–461,3 MHz.
Application Digital cellular
Section 450.7 – 456.3 MHz
Authorisation VO-R/1
Additional information Countrywide network for public services of electronic communication. Broadband digital technology in accordance with 5.286AA. Duplex 10 MHz to 461.3-465.74 MHz. Terminals transmission. For detailed conditions see RSUP-15,
Future It is assumed a gradual ceasing of the narrowband applications in the subband 450.7–451.3 MHz and implementing of IMT-LTE.