Detail of Frequency Band

Band 30.01 – 32.875 MHz

Part of RSUP RSUP-P/26
Service Mobile
Category of assignment Primary
Non-civil utilisation Primary
Civil utilisation Secondary
Application Land mobile
Section 31.025 – 31.325 MHz
Authorisation VO-R/17
Additional information Duplex sub-bands 31,025–31,325 / 39,925–40,25 MHz for analogue cordless telephones of CT0 standard in a secondary service category. Till 2023/12/31.
Application Land mobile
Harmonisation CEPT/ERC T/R 25-08
Additional information Sharing with non-civil use on a primary basis. Mobile networks, simplex.
Application Defence systems
Additional information Non-civil use on a primary basis.
Application Active medical implants
Section 30 – 37.5 MHz
Harmonisations CEPT/ERC/REC 70-03, (EU) 2022/180
Authorisation VO-R/10 Art. 12
Additional information Radiated power max. 1 mW e.r.p., duty cycle max. 10%. Only for Ultra Low Power medical membrane implants for measurement of blood pressure. For detailed conditions see General Authorisation
Application GPR/WPR
Section 30 – 230 MHz
Harmonisations CEPT/ERC/REC 70-03, CEPT/ECC/DEC/(06)08, (EU) 2019/785
Authorisation VO-R/10 Art. 6
Additional information Ultra-wideband radars designated for imaging of structure of walls and Earth´s surface (GPR/WPR). For detailed conditions see General Authorisation
Application NMR
Harmonisations CEPT/ERC/REC 70-03, (EU) 2022/180
Additional information SRD NMR