Detail of Frequency Band

Band 90 – 110 kHz

Notes to whole band 5.64
Part of RSUP RSUP-P/27
Service Radionavigation
Category of assignment Primary
Non-civil utilisation Equal rights
Civil utilisation Equal rights
Note 5.62
Additional information 5.62 applies. Sharing with non-civil use.
Future In connection with gradual reduction in operation of the radionavigation LORAN-C system, it is considered introducing of more advanced eLoran system which could replace also the application of the standard frequency and time signal service.
Service Fixed
Category of assignment Secondary
Non-civil utilisation Not used
Civil utilisation Primary
Additional information 5.64 applies.
Application Defence systems
Section 90 – 110 kHz
Additional information Non-civil use on an equal basis.
Application Inductive applications
Harmonisations CEPT/ERC/REC 70-03, 2019/1345
Authorisation VO-R/10 Art. 9
Additional information Magnetic field strength max 42 dBμA/m at 10m.
Application Active medical implants
Section 9 – 315 kHz
Harmonisations CEPT/ERC/REC 70-03, CEPT/ERC/DEC/(01)17, 2019/1345
Authorisation VO-R/10 Art. 12
Additional information Magnetic field strength max 30 dBμA/m /10m, duty cycle max. 10%.