Detail of Frequency Band

Band 380 – 382.25 MHz

Notes to whole band 5.254
Part of RSUP RSUP-P/15
Service Mobile
Category of assignment Primary
Non-civil utilisation Secondary
Civil utilisation Primary
Application PPDR
Section 379.99375 – 380.14375 MHz
Harmonisation CEPT/ERC/DEC/(01)19
Authorisation VO-R/1
Additional information Channels 1 to 12 also for DMO within IZS. Channels are shifted -6.25 kHz against CEPT DEC.
Application PPDR
Section 379.99375 – 384.99375 MHz
Authorisation VO-R/1
Additional information Countrywide communication network IZS operated by Ministry of Interior for security and rescue purposes. Technology TETRAPOL. Duplex 10 MHz to 390-395 MHz, mobile terminals, 400 channels 12,5 kHz wide. Channels are shifted -6,25 kHz against CEPT Decision.
Application PPDR
Harmonisation CEPT/ECC/DEC/(08)05
Additional information Harmonised band for security and rescue purposes in Europe.
Application PPDR
Section 380 – 380.15 MHz
Authorisation VO-R/1
Additional information Sub-bands 380 - 380.15 / 390 - 390.15 MHz are considered as free on basis of the agreement between European countries and international coordination is not required.
Application Defence systems
Additional information Non-civil use on a secondary basis.
Application GPR/WPR
Section 230 – 1,000 MHz
Harmonisations CEPT/ERC/REC 70-03, CEPT/ECC/DEC/(06)08, 2019/1345
Authorisation VO-R/10 Art. 6
Additional information Ultra-wideband radars for screening of the structute of walls and earth´s surface (GPR/WPR). Maximum spectral density -65 dBm/MHz, max. peak e.r.p. is -44.5 dBm/120 kHz.
Section 335.4 – 399.9 MHz
Additional information Use of the bands in the range 380-399.9 MHz by the Satellite-mobile Service is possible in accordance with 5.254 and after coordination with concerned administrations according to 9.21 and subject condition that station will not cause harmful interference to stations of other services.